Nika Yurievna

Nika Yurievna

Цена за час:
от 200 руб / 60 мин
2 года
Дошкольник, 1-4 классов, 5-8 классов
Английский язык
Предметы: Английский язык

200-250 рублей за урок

I don't prepare for exams.

The prices are individual.


Формат преподавания:

Conversation, listening, telling, reading, answering the questions, writing. Showing presentations, images. Avalon and Calan methods.

Предпочтения по ученикам:

Beginners adults and children. Level A1-B1

Удобное время: 16:00-21:30
Опыт репетиторства:

I have several years experience of tutoring English for beginners. And I really helped children and adults to study from scratch and to raise up the level from basic to B1 and B2.

Отзывы о Вашей репетиторской деятельности:

Pupils, that were looking for a conversational English tutor said I was the one they really needed.

Образование: High Medical School
Настоящее место работы: Private English tutor for beginners
О себе:

I am Nika, 20 years old. I love tutoring and I have a small experience of teaching adults and children from scratch. I like communication and I prefer to teach conversation English. So I would like to talk, to listen, to ask and to tell. But teaching writing and grammar is completely fine as well. I use different methods, such as Avolon, Calan and lots of web-resources. But for every client the approach is individual. I am not an extra special coach (I do not prepare for national exams and don't offer highly specialized English), but I really help ro raise up the general English level from scratch and Basic to Intermediate. I am not afraid of small children. I am able to make studying interesting and easy. I am also ready to work individually or in small group. I am a good PC user and I would like to teach remotely (by Skype for example). The first lesson is free.